What must come first is my grateful heart to every one of you who have given HANYANG PETROCHEMICAL CO., LTD constant encouragement. Because of your support, along our consistent spirit to breach the every moment of reality toward the new future, HANYANG PETROCHEMICAL CO., LTD has been able to come up with the best products at proper price and swift supply for the need of domestic and international textile printing industry field. We the company members are now working with our best in strong unity for the best productivity and new researches, so that we can provide you better quality product at even lower price.

It is not my mere boasting, but an honest testimony with my confidence and pride, that I founded HANYANG PETROCHEMICAL CO., LTD in 1994 all after my personal experience of 20 years in this particular field. Later, starting Puff Binder and White Paste production line, the company went further to develop textile-printing thickener for the first time in Korea, eventually benefiting Korean textile-printing industry with much better competence. Now, we have become the Korea's only total manufacturer that produces by itself all needed raw materials in textile printing field: our place is comparable to no one in this field.

We are facing an era of global changes in the environment of world commerce: globalization and unlimited competition. As being ready with such world trends, our research institute is pouring out, without any pause, our best effort to develop new and various products, extensive and specialized application of the product, and improved product quality, so that we may contribute to Korean textile-printing industry through the service to fix the product-related problems in your need, enhanced manufacturing procedure, and competition against imported goods.

We all workers including myself promise you that we will do our best in every moment to return your support with advancing technology and product quality.

CEO WonBok Kim