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We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters for textile printing materials in Korea. We have mainly handled with various kinds of Binders, Whites, Thickeners and other related products. Our products are popular with our customers in Korea, USA, Japan, China, South-East Asia and other countries of the world. If you are interested in our products, they would be supplied you with the most high quality and competitive price.
분 류
적용 / 특성 / 기타

안료 바인더 N-140 General acrylic binder for textile printing
Good launder resistance, Good adhesion
러버 바인더 NX-N Rubber-touch binder, Good elasticity and adhesion
High abrasion and launder resistance
논-포르말린 NF-340 Non-formalin textile rubber binder, Use for children goods, Good elasticity and adhesion High abrasion and launder resistance
발포 바인더 HF-747 Foam binder, Good elasticity, Soft touch
Good launder resistance
Hot press :140℃ for 5~10 sec, 175℃ for 5~10 sec
(High Temp.)
(Flocking foam)
Good flocking, angle effect, volume touch, lusterless and launder resistance
HF-757(Plastisol) Solvent-base foam binder
Clear color, Good touch and launder resistance
플라스틱 졸 HYFLEX-900 Solvent-base rubber binder for special application
Good working practice, and abrasion and launder resistance
발염 바인더 PDB-200 Discharging color without steaming and soaping operation
PDB-220 Indigo-dye discharge binder. Mainly use for blue-jean
PDB-250 Polyester textile discharge binder
금분 바인더 M-700 Gold/Silver/Bronze powder binder, High gloss,
Good Rust-proof and adhesion
메탈릭 바인더 PB-50 Use for pearl of gold, silver, etc.
호일 바인더 FL-IN Use for foil of gold and silver
착색 바인더 O-431 Coloring binder for dark texture
Excellent coloring power
Good hiding power, Soft touch
착색 러버 바인더 M-200 Coloring binder for elastic texture
코딩 바인더 ASC-3300 High drying rate, Soft and volume touch
하이메쉬 HIMESH Good working practice with pigments, Delicate lining
후 로 킹 KA-15 Good flocking effect and launder resistance
하이메쉬 러버 DB-40 Excellent working practice, Good elasticity, launder resistance
실리콘 EL-1301T Free and unrestricted printing thickness, High flexibility Fast curing at some high temperature Long working life at room temperature Clearness binder
EL-1301W White binder
EL-1301F Foam binder
우레탄 Liorant HS-23 Strong adhesion, Good elasticity
For woven textile
Clearness binder
Liorant HS-23W White binder
Excellent hiding power
Liorant UMS-5 Strong adhesion, Good elasticity and high softness. For span textile Clearness binder
Liorant UMS-3W White binder
Excellent hiding power
HUB-54 The invented Urethane by our company Strong adhesion, Good elasticity, softness and low price. Clearness binder
HUB-54W White binder
Excellent hiding power

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분 류
적용 / 특성 / 기타

일반 화이트 WHITE 25AS White paste for screen print on the dyed textiles

Excellent hiding power

Good abrasion and launder resistance

Good elasticity and adhesion

Easy working practice
For acetate textile
WHITE 100AS For woven textile,
Low price
WHITE 115N For neat and piece printing
Excellent abrasion and launder resistance
WHITE 215N  
WHITE 1600AS For auto screen
논-포르말린 NF-360  
하이 메쉬 DB-40W Excellent working practice, Good elasticity, launder resistance and hiding power
플라스틱 졸 HYFLEX-1145 Solvent base, For over printing

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분 류
적용 / 특성 / 기타

유화 증점제 Hypol-G Good flow, Emulsifying with Solvent
암수 증점제 A-60 Very stable thickening effect to most of binders
물 증점제 HTH-16 Alkaline swelling acrylic thickener
Standard thickener in textile printing

가 교 제
Reactor 960 Reactive crosslinking agent at low temperature (80℃)
Enhancement of abrasion and launder resistance
유 화 제
Hypol-25 For textile printing, Fresh and clear color,
Good emulsifying dispersion effect

Glitter Various color and size, Good gloss
The others *Pearl, Metallic, Metallic Powder, Hologram
일반 안료 *Hytex Color Various grades of colors, Fresh and clear color,
High abrasion resistance
내열성 안료 *YELLOW RH
High heat resistance
*1% of the pigment gives stable color at 200℃

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